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Sacroiliac Joint Pain - Chiropractic Treatment 

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction can cause low back and leg pain.  The sacroiliac joint connects your spine to your pelvis.  The sacroiliac joint does not move much and acts more as a stabilizer for the upper body.  It acts as a shock absorber and is subject to large forces.  It is suspected that too much or too little movement in the sacroiliac joint contributes to pain.  Chiropractic treatments can help to relieve pain that results from sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

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There are several chiropractic treatments that may help relieve sacroiliac-related pain, including spinal manipulation, cold therapy, and exercise.  Chiropractic adjustment is a safe and effective method of pain relief.  A chiropractor may use a variety of techniques to perform an adjustment.  There are many forms of cold therapy, including ice massage, commercial cold packs, or ice packs.  Your chiropractor may use cold therapy in conjunction with other treatments, such as exercise therapy in which you will learn specific exercises to help strengthen and stabilize the lower back.

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